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Bridgewater Communications Group (BCG) is a full-service financial consulting company. BCG is in the business of helping under-valued public companies increase shareholder awareness and capital formation. BCG distributes research reports to a large network of unaffiliated NASD broker/dealers and institutional investors, along with accredited investors.

BCG’s primary goal is to recognize, evaluate and identify special situations in the marketplace to show our investors the very best opportunities. Once the identification process is complete and the client chooses to move forward, BCG structures the most advantageous game plan that is consistent with the clients’ needs.

Our Focus:

  • Research your company and the overall industry
  • Analyze the stock ownership of your company to determine available investment opportunities
  • Fact sheet design and production
  • Extensive online Investor outreach campaigns
  • Identify new, key potential investment community followers for your stock
  • Assist in drafting and dissemination of press releases
  • Website design and development to create visibility and web traffic
  • Organize tours of company facilities to broaden investors’ understanding of the business
  • Market your story to the investment community through our discussions with Wall Street
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of investment community contacts for your firm
  • Schedule CEO Shareholder call and Webcast with teleconference provider






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BCG makes its Market Awareness and Investor Communications Services available, to Small and Micro Cap Companies Trading on the OTC, Amex and NASDAQ markets.

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